Different Types of Leaflet Printing

If you’re looking for a cost-effective, versatile and successful way to spread your message, look no further than leaflet printing. Leaflets provide your customer base with an interactive and tangible material to engage with. Whether your brochure is informational or promotional, small or large in scale, the numerous folding options means there is a range of possibilities to suit your target audience and your branding needs. Let’s take a look:


Also known as bi-fold, and often compared to booklets, this type of leaflet is considered one of the simplest to create. Consisting of any size piece of paper folded in half to create 4pp; two internal panels, a front and a back cover. Dividing in this way allows for an interior and exterior style, ideal for highlighting different components about your business. There is enough room for placing several colourful images and a decent amount of text too.


One of the most popular choices, produced making two bends, with 3 equal panels. The right and left panels fold inward and on top of the central panel.  There is more scope for design with 6 different sections to work with, allowing you to utilise each of the individual panels separately.


With a zig-zag design the number of panels is the same as the tri-fold. As this is a non-standard design, your design should also not follow standard convention. A unique and common design is to create a die-cut fold where the front panel is smaller than the other, making the other two panels visible from the front when shut. With 6 separate panels, it is perfect for information to run from one page to the next in a smooth transition. Travel leaflets, instructional content or event schedules work well here.

Half-Half fold

Commonly known as the cross fold, this leaflet is folded both vertically and horizontally, creating a four-panel brochure. This fold is perfect for creating a feeling that there is much more information included than there might actually be. With 8pp to play with, you can split sections up, whilst also allowing the reader to view all images and content in one viewing. They are a great alternative to a traditional newsletter and great for graphic heavy designs.

Print your next Leaflet with Enigma

Leaflets are ideal for communicating more detailed information to potential customers and clients. Not only are leaflets great for advertising, but they are high quality and cost effective too. Choose from a range of paper types and sizes to create your perfect leaflet. If you require a leaflet design, please make sure to get in touch with a member of the team. For any enquiries about our leaflet printing and design, please don’t hesitate to contact us.